​50% of more than 1.5 Million Americans who have a form of LUPUS, suffer for more than FOUR YEARS

before being properly diagnosed....

This should not happen. Eleven years ago, Zenay was diagnosed with seven Auto Immune Diseases with LUPUS being the most ravaging. She was given FIVE TO SEVEN YEARS to LIVE and she's STILL HERE... but not without a fight. 

It has been an arduous road, not only for her, but for our family as well. Since making the decision to speak up and talk about Lupus and it's unrelenting effects, it has opened up a flood gate of us meeting countless individuals who have been suffering in SILENCE from this cruel & mysterious Auto Immune Disease. It has become our mission and purpose in life, to provide help for each and every individual who suffers from Lupus, who are also referred to as "Lupies". Through our tough but amazing journey these past few years, we have whole heartedly accepted our obligation to help, teach & be an example for others, that you can LIVE & THRIVE with LUPUS, which is why we established the:
WE WIN Foundation 501(c)3
We would LOVE for you to join us for our First Annual Fundraiser during Super Bowl Weekend, appropriately named the:
Saturday, January 31st 2015 to be held at the stunning
This won't be just your average "Sit Down, eat your dinner & Give your money" type of fundraiser. This fundraiser will have the honor of having Yours Truly, TICHINA ARNOLD as it's host, the magnanimous sounds of RockJazz Piano Master ELEW and MANY MORE of our lovely & talented celebrity friends and surprise guests.

I assure you, this will be a night to remember, a night to be inspired, but more importantly a night to bring much needed awareness to LUPUS. The WE WIN Foundation needs YOUR help so it can help OTHERS.